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Interior accessories made in Italy

The interior is a reflection of the soul, and it also greatly influences our mood every day. That is 
why you should treat your space with special care and fill it with beautiful and high-quality 
things that reflect your character and give you a good mood.

Italy has always been considered a leader in interior design and architecture, so you can rely on 
the quality and aesthetics of the things created in this country.

For the first time we present a limited edition of interior textiles 100% made in Italy from 
ITAMARU brand. A collection of pillow covers made of precious velvets in rich colors with 
exclusive embroideries inspired by the aesthetics, culture and flora of southern Italy, designed 
to bring warmth and joy to every home.

Italy is a country that is especially known for its art and aesthetics, as well as the high-quality 
craftsmanship of local artisans. Decorative handmade tableware with painted authentic 
patterns reflects the history and culture of this country. Ceramic items of each separate region 
of Italy are unique and carry the essence of the life and traditions of these places.

Handmade ceramics are created by Italian masters with no hurry and with great love for their 
craft. Each item is one of a kind, because it bears the imprint of the state of mind of the master 
at the very moment of its creation.

Italian ceramics with their bright colors, fantasy and original patterns brings warmth and a 
special cheerful mood to the house.


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