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Scented candle GELSOMINO made of natural 100% soy wax in a glass vessel with a matte white finish with sophisticated and modern design, decorated with geometric pattern. The candle has a classic french top lid made of the same material.

The candle is hand-poured with love in Milan, Italy.

Net weight: 90g

Burning time: about 20 hours

May in Italy is the month of gelsomino (jasmine) that vividly blooms everywhere and covers everything with the clouds of white flowers and its seductive and mysterious fragrance.

This charming and dreamy floral fragrance in the beautiful nature of Italy inspired us for a new limited edition of scented candles.

New design, new fragrance, new wooden wicks with a crackling sound that reminds of the calming sounds of a fireplace.

It is a perfect candle for relaxation and creation of a romantic, dreamy mood.

GELSOMINO candle has a noticeable and memorable, but at the same time very delicate aroma of jasmine with fruity notes.

Top notes: fig, pear

Middle notes: honeysuckle, jasmine, ylang-ylang

Base notes: amber, musk, vetiver

Despite its miniature size, this candle can fill in quite a spacious room with the delicate aroma of jasmine, still you would feel it stronger in a smaller room. This candle is perfect for a vanity table, a bedroom or a bathroom.

It is not just a candle, but a stylish design object that will enhance any interior and can be used in many ways when the candle runs out. After the candle burns out, simply wash the container with warm water and soap and you can use it to store jewelry, toiletries, or even as a small flower vase.

Limited edition, this collection is inspired by a sensory travel in Italy.

Mini scented soy wax candle GELSOMINO

  • 1. When lighting a candle for the first time, wait until the wax melts over the entire surface, to the very edges. It takes approximately 2-3 hours. This is necessary so that the candle warms up well and a hole does not appear in the wax, so the candle will last longer.

    2. Trim the wick (cotton wick) by 2-3mm before each use. The candle will not produce smoke and the aroma will not be distorted. This can be done with nail scissors. Wooden wicks don't need to be trimmed. 

    3. Don't blow out the candles! If you blow out a candle and then light it again, you will not feel the true aroma; the smell of a smoldering wick will be mixed in with it. Place the lid on the candle, then open it slightly, release the smoke, and close it again. If there is no lid, you can use a candle snuffer, which looks like a bell.

    4. Do not burn the candle for more than 4 hours at a time, it may overheat. Once the wax has hardened, you can relight the candle and enjoy the aroma.

    Thanks to these rules, the candle will last longer, and you will get maximum pleasure from aromatherapy.

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