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Mint green unisex T-shirt in 100% organic cotton with round neck, short sleeves and black print on the chest with CAFFE' E NIENTE PAROLE slogan (translated from Italian - "Coffee and no words"). Loose fitting. This model fits perfectly both men and women, made of a very pleasant to touch, soft and slightly silky, flowing material. On the back, just below the neckline, a small ITAMARU Milano logo is printed.


This collection is dedicated to the protection of personal boundaries, self-love and the love for coffee. “Caffe' e niente parole” (“Coffee and no words”) is a joking phrase that I sometimes say to my Italian husband if I wake up in the morning not in the most cheerful mood and do not want to talk, but just want to drink my cup of coffee in peace, dedicate time only to myself and open up to a new day. CAFFE' E NIENTE PAROLE collection is about the fact that you have the right to say no if you feel uncomfortable fulfilling someone's request, you have the right to allocate a certain amount of time that you devote only to yourself in order to recharge your batteries and put your feelings in order, and you have the right to drink the most delicious and strong Italian coffee and not worry about anything.


Beautiful pastel light green shade and minimalistic design of this T-shirt with special details make it easy to combine with almost anything in your wardrobe.


This T-shirt model is limited edition.

Mint green unisex organic cotton T-shirt with CAFFE' E NIENTE PAROLE print

  • Organic cotton is grown naturally without the use of pesticides, chemicals and unnecessary fertilizers, which helps to preserve the ecology and biodiversity, and is also hand-harvested, which allows to make the best fiber, because unnecessary elements do not get in it, as it happens with machine harvesting.


    Organic cotton fabric is pleasant to the touch, has a breathable texture, is hypoallergenic and does not irritate the skin, that’s why the high-quality children's clothing is often made of this material.

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