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Pillow cover made of grey velvet with a bit of light blue shade with a large colorful embroidery of a sun with a face.

The cover measures 49 x 49 cm, fits a 50 x 50 cm pillow (sold without pillow), is made of a very soft and pleasant to touch material, has a zipper at the bottom and a golden shade lining which creates a beautiful contrast with the main fabric. There is a soft layer between the velvet and the lining, which gives the cover additional volume. On the reverse side the case is plain and has a small label with the ITAMARU Milano logo.


This collection is inspired by the aesthetics, culture and flora of southern Italy.


The sun is one of the main symbols of Sicily. The sun symbolizes life, light, warmth, strength and divinity.


This model is presented in a very limited edition, 100% made in Italy - from materials to embroidery and tailoring (sewn in a Milanese atelier).


This accessory will enhance your interior, add a bright accent and bring the warmth and positive spirit of Italy.

Grey velvet pillow cover with Sun embroidery

  • Dry clean only. Don't wash to preserve the shape of the product and the embroidery.

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