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Well, the Italians know how to pamper themselves. Even with a modest income, they will never deny themselves a cup of coffee in a bar, and if you take also the delicious pasticini (small sweets) with it, then in general life seems to be much nicer. It's true that small pleasures like these can make a big difference.

The culture of bars (as coffee houses are also called in Italy, and not just places with alcohol) is very developed in Italy. These are places for meetings, for communication, business negotiations, the initial stages of dating, and in general the entire social life of this country. It seems to me that this culture is one of the first things that the pandemic took away. In the past, the best bars used to be so crowded that sometimes it was impossible to get through to order coffee. But this had its own charm, this was LIFE, which was in full swing.

I really hope that everything will work out and the tradition of such lively communication in bars will be revived. That is why I decided to share with you my favorite bars/pastry shops in the center of Milan. These are historical, legendary places, without which it is impossible to imagine this city. Be sure to bookmark this post so you can visit these bars on your next trip to Milan.

Marchesi 1824 (Via Monte Napoleone, 9)

This pastel-coloured, stylish historic bar is located in the heart of Milan on the most fashionable luxury street of Montenapoleone. Coffee and pastries, packaging, staff, interior - everything is perfect here! Marchesi has been around since 1824, as the name suggests, and is now owned by Prada Group. So attention to detail is always on the highest level. I love pastries with cream and fresh berries here. I also love to take caffe’ macchiato there because of its large size (almost a size of a cappuccino) and the fact that the baristas always draw hearts on it for me, and sometimes other strange shapes.

At Marchesi you will always see the most fashionable people in Milan! It is very common for fashion industry workers to come here for a break or business meetings.

Cova (Via Monte Napoleone, 8)

Another legendary historic bar on Monte Napoleone street that has more of a retro vibe. Classical elegance - precious woods, classic coffee cups, many delicious desserts, many business people. It is also a tradition for the Milanese to buy panettone here for Christmas.

Pasticeria Bastianello (Via Borgogna, 5)

Another luxury classic style bar near San Babila square. Huge Murano glass chandeliers, waiters in in elegant suits and dresses, gorgeous orchids, coffee in original twisted porcelain cups and many levels of deserts! The Milanese often come here for an aperitif with snacks or a coffee break.


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